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Begining Video Promotion!

Task Force 20 will be starting work on a promo video soon for our website and YouTube page in order to attract prospective members to join our unit! Anyone interested in helping with the production needs to see 1LT A. Baum ASAP. We will also need a good amount of our active force in order to film this video so please prepare in the future for a lot of filming and picture taking!

Training Begins Friday!

As many of you may know we have suspended our Altis Campaign temporarily due to a unit wide reconstruction to provide for training time in our new organization. This Friday we will start with a Force on Force patrol operation and then Saturday shift to a unit wide training operation.

Promotions (2013-08-07)

The upper echelon of Task Force 20 would like to personally congratulate those who went through BCT and OSUT on Monday and Tuesday of this week. You have shown yourself capable of doing the basics that this unit requires and have excelled passed the basics. Those who went through the training:

  • PV2 J. Aldridge
  • PV2 J. Smith
  • PV2 C. Diaz
  • PV2 S. Diekman

In other news, S. Parks was promoted to Specialist. He has been awarded this promotion based on his actions here with Task Force 20 by showing he is committed and by helping out with uniforms and training. He is well on his way up the ranks to becoming an NCO.

Congratulations Specialist S. Parks!