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Operation Blind Owl (2013-09-22)


In Operation Blind Owl, DEVGRU operatives of TASK FORCE 20 were tasked with locating a downed GrayHawk UAV that had malfunctioned and crash landed over the marshes of LIMNI, recover the Data recorder located in the UAV, destroy the downed UAV, then move back to the insertion location and travel by ZODIAC to the USS BOSTON in order to prevent a hot war with CSAT forces on the island of Altis.

Operation Blind Owl began by water insertion into Thalos Bay via ZODIAC boat at approximately 0345 local. After security was established around the perimeter of the boats, DEVGRU operatives regrouped with individual fire elements and positioned themselves 100 meters apart from one another in order to better search the marshes of Limni for the downed GrayHawk UAV.

While moving to the marsh, members of DEVGRU began taking fire from fireteam-sized elements of CSAT forces. From here on, DEVGRU forces continued to take sporadic contact from fireteam-sized elements of CSAT forces.

The UAV was finally located by Team 3 who was responsible for searching the northernmost part of the Marsh. The data recorder was quickly recovered before the UAV was destroyed. Upon location and subsequent demolition of the GrayHawk UAV, DEVGRU operatives moved back to the ZODIAC boats for extraction. Without the cover of darkness to conceal their movements, members of DEVGRU began taking heavy fire from CSAT forces and began taking casualties. Wounded members were quickly policed up and moved back to the ZODIAC’s. DEVGRU operatives moved back to the USS BOSTON to relay the data collected by the downed UAV in order to support future operations against CSAT forces.

Operation Dark Glasses (2013-08-24)


Operation Dark Glasses was initiated by an Air Assault insertion by CH-49 Mohawk near the southern outskirts of Girna. Upon touchdown, the CH-49 Mohawk suffered irreparable damage to the main rotor of the aircraft. Units of the 75th Ranger Regiment quickly moved to establish a defensive perimeter around the aircraft so that the pilots could destroy the helicopter.

After the charge was blown and the aircraft was destroyed, members of the 75th (Hitman 1-1) established a hasty Landing Zone so that those members of the 160th could be extracted. Upon their extraction, Hitman 1-1 moved to the South in order to assault and destroy the radio tower. During movement, Hitman 1-1 Alpha began taking fire from the North. While suppressing the enemy and attempting to gain fire superiority, Hitman 1-1 Bravo moved to destroy the enemy forces attempting to pin down Hitman 1-1 Alpha. The mission then continued on to Objective 1: Destroy the Radio tower.

Weapons team and Bravo team quickly established overwatch positions overlooking the radio tower while Alpha moved into position. As Alpha team bounded up, Bravo moved into a secondary position so that the squad was able to execute a double envelopment on the objective under the overwatch of Weapons team. The objective was secured and three charges were then placed at the base of the radio tower.

Meanwhile Combat Air Units of the 160th attacked to destroy an enemy resupply convoy moving to resupply Camp Tempest. They quickly and effectively eliminated the supply convoy so that ground units of the 75th Rangers (Hitman 1-1) were able to effectively assault Camp Tempest.

Hitman 1-1 then moved from the radio tower in order to refit and rearm near the CH-49 crash site. While doing so, Weapons team provided overwatch for the remainder of the squad. While Alpha and Bravo were refitting, Weapons team reported a squad of enemy soldiers cresting the hill North of Girna. A short firefight broke out between Coalition and Iranian forces and the Iranian forces were eliminated with few Coalition casualties.

Hitman 1-1 then moved 3 kliks North to secure Camp Tempest. Hitman 1-1 was able to move to Camp Tempest and set up two assault by fire positions and one support by fire position without being spotted by enemy patrols or security within the camp. Fire was initiated on Camp Tempest by Combat Air Support from units in the 160th. After the initial shots were fired, Weapons team took additional contact from the East while Alpha and Bravo Teams moved to secure the inner perimeter of the camp. Both fireteams cleared the buildings and established a defensive perimeter around Camp Tempest and set up a Landing Zone to be used for extraction. Meanwhile, Weapons team eliminated the enemy forces to the East and established an outer cordon of the objective.

All members of Task Force 20 were successfully extracted from the Area of Operations and all mission objectives were completed.

Operation Flaming Goat (2013-08-10)

The operation that took place last night was successfully played out by the 75th Ranger Regiment’s 1st squad. Everyone was briefed about the locations of enemy caches that needed to be destroyed in order to halt the Iranian supply line. As we moved from cache to cache, the enemy forces picked up in strength as they tried to stop us from completing our objectives. At the last cache, the enemy were fierce, but the 1st squad prevailed in the skirmish. Once we returned to base, we were all debriefed.

Operation Nightfall (2013-08-04)


Last night’s operation was very successful.  The 75th Ranger’s Hitman 1-1-A and Hitman 1-2-A went in to Air Station Mike 26 to secure some files held tight by the Iranian Command. They went in silent and managed to take down multiple enemy MI-48s along with a few technicals without alerting the entire Platoon stationed at the base. Once the files were secure, the Iranian forces managed to get a distress call out which allowed for reinforcements in a Marid and a transport truck to bring in special forces. The 75th Ranger’s held out in an all out assault attempt to gain back control of the Air Station with no success from the Iranians. Above is a picture of those who went in for the operation. Great Job guys!

The Weekend

Ah, what a weekend of Arma 3. On Friday we had a Force on Force (PvP) with the VIP to Base mission and it was good fun. On Saturday we had a COOP mission to secure an iPhone from the Old Outpost and secure files from Air Station Mike, it was an overall success, but the revive script was pissing me off. I wish someone would make a simple revive script so the medics have something to do.

-SGT D. Jordan