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1st SFOD-Delta open 010315ZAPR2014

1st SFOD-Delta is officially open! If you are interested in joining the 1st SFOD-Delta see Captain Z. Nizam as soon as possible. Delta will comprise of 4-6 members that will each have specific rolls. If you’re interested in the requirements for Delta you can learn more here

New Mod packs 312129ZMAR2014

The mod packs have been updated to remove guns that are never used and help the VAS to load faster and smoother. The new mod packs includes all of the mods we use. If you have any questions regarding the new mod packs talk to SGT C. Rohde or 1LT A. Baum

160357ZMAR2014 News Update

Private Second Class M. Boyd has received a dishonorable discharge for multiple friendly fire incidents, slander of another unit member, not playing as a team and disruption of operations. He has been stripped of his rank of Private Second Class as of 160152ZMAR2014. He will no longer be involved in any internal unit events.

Private Second Class S. Anderson has received a Letter of Counseling for the disregard for the safety of his fellow soldiers, and endangering the lives of his fellow soldiers.


New Mods!


Today, two modifications were released for ARMA 3 that have caught our attention. The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and the Blufor Olive Drab CH-49 release. Below are the links for both items. The links will also be available on the forums under the modifications section.

Server Changes!

We are switching back to regular build as soon as the game launches tomorrow. They said the launch would be at 0300 Eastern Time.

Also, we are planning on switching to another server company. In order to do so, we need donations. This company is more expensive, but their server quality is doubled what our current company has. We cannot do the switch without the donations. In order to pay this off, we need at least 9 people to donate $13.00 a month. I know some will donate more, and some will donate less. This is just an average, but it MUST be monthly.

We may have a meeting regarding the server change. We’ll discuss the details of the company and why their servers are better. The meeting date will be posted on the calendar.