Operation Blind Owl (2013-09-22)


In Operation Blind Owl, DEVGRU operatives of TASK FORCE 20 were tasked with locating a downed GrayHawk UAV that had malfunctioned and crash landed over the marshes of LIMNI, recover the Data recorder located in the UAV, destroy the downed UAV, then move back to the insertion location and travel by ZODIAC to the USS BOSTON in order to prevent a hot war with CSAT forces on the island of Altis.

Operation Blind Owl began by water insertion into Thalos Bay via ZODIAC boat at approximately 0345 local. After security was established around the perimeter of the boats, DEVGRU operatives regrouped with individual fire elements and positioned themselves 100 meters apart from one another in order to better search the marshes of Limni for the downed GrayHawk UAV.

While moving to the marsh, members of DEVGRU began taking fire from fireteam-sized elements of CSAT forces. From here on, DEVGRU forces continued to take sporadic contact from fireteam-sized elements of CSAT forces.

The UAV was finally located by Team 3 who was responsible for searching the northernmost part of the Marsh. The data recorder was quickly recovered before the UAV was destroyed. Upon location and subsequent demolition of the GrayHawk UAV, DEVGRU operatives moved back to the ZODIAC boats for extraction. Without the cover of darkness to conceal their movements, members of DEVGRU began taking heavy fire from CSAT forces and began taking casualties. Wounded members were quickly policed up and moved back to the ZODIAC’s. DEVGRU operatives moved back to the USS BOSTON to relay the data collected by the downed UAV in order to support future operations against CSAT forces.