Altis Campaign Operation Firefly Day 1 (2013-11-16)





In response to the unprovoked invasion of Altis (a Greek island nation) by enemy forces, Task Force 20 has mobilized and initiated military actions to assist the legitimate government reclaim their country.

Initial Action:

During the early morning darkness members of the 75th Rangers silently came ashore by boats at the southeastern tip of the island from two different points. The teams of Rangers were initially tasked with cutting the power simultaneously at two power plants in order to disrupt enemy activities, plunging the lower part of the country into darkness.
Each team encountered random patrols on their way to their targets. The action was fierce as bullets, at times, seemed to come from all directions.
After destroying the power plants, NATO forces began an armored assault on the town of Selakano. Tracers filled the air and explosions ran out as friendly forces systematically broke down their adversaries will to fight.
At the same time, the enemy’s response to the power plants destruction was immediate. Enemy forces poured out in a coordinated attack that included teams of soldiers delivered by ifrits and helicopters.
Both Alpha and Bravo teams were able to avoid the main body of soldiers. Alpha team moved east toward a small enemy compound to kill a high ranking officer known to be at that location. The officer was dispatched from a distance, and then the team moved in to mop up the remaining soldiers.
Bravo team moved west into the small, war-torn town of FERES to locate a laptop belonging to a neuroscientist that has been captured by enemy forces. It is believed that the laptop contained information regarding a potent new neuro-toxin.
Bravo team located the facility, neutralized the guards and inserted a virus into the laptop by a flash drive. The team then headed west out of town.
After Alpha team cleared the military compound, they continued east to recon a dirt airfield and was instructed to stand by until Bravo team was in position in order to coordinate a two-pronged attack on the airfield. A swift, violent attack on the airfield was initiated when Bravo team members made their way onto the field through a small hole in the fence amidst the moonlight.
Alpha team took advantage of their high ground to take out guards at the front gate, as well as, soldiers confused by the coordinated attack. They then moved in toward the west side of the base and assisted Bravo team with securing the airfield.
The 75th Rangers have secured the airfield as our FOB and suffered minimal injuries to soldiers in the first night of Operation Firefly.