Operation Firefly Day 2

Quick reaction to orders
Good Fireteam communication
Teamwork was on point when it came to spotting targets and covering teammates
Intercommunication between fireteams is still lacking
BOTH teams require AT personnel.
Better security around air base (Security bunched up often near choke points.)

In day two of OPERATION FIREFLY, members of the 75th Ranger Regiment were tasked to hold the airfield that they had secured the night before against counterattack from CSAT forces.
Day Two of Operation Firefly began by members of the 75th Ranger Regiment regrouping in the early morning hours in order to repel the counterattack on the south east airfield of Altis spearheaded by Special operations CSAT forces.
Rangers immediately began taking effective mortar fire at sunrise. Team Alpha mobilized quickly and began moving North West in order to destroy the enemy mortar team firing on the airbase. Upon cresting the hill, Alpha Team leader MSG A. Baum made visual contact with the mortar team as CPL J. Smith and CPL A. Dalton flanked East. MSG Baum’s team eliminated the mortar team as CPL Smith and CPL Dalton suppressed the enemy.
Upon eliminating the mortar team, Alpha team made contact with a platoon of CSAT forces cresting the hill in reaction to the gunfire. Alpha team hastily fell back to the Airbase perimeter under cover from effective fire put down by Bravo Team led by SSG D. Jordan.
This reaction to gunfire by CSAT forces turned into a full-fledged counterattack by an entire company of CSAT forces. Rangers quickly set up a defensive perimeter in order to defend the airbase. CSAT forces breached the perimeter and were dispatched in a grueling close-range gunfight on the runway of the airbase. Wave after wave of CSAT forces were eliminated by members of the 75th Rangers.
After a long, drawn-out defense, Rangers mounted up in order to sweep the area and mop up straggling CSAT forces around the airbase. Approaching the end of their sweep rangers encountered CSAT Armor and began taking heavy casualties. Rangers, again, immediately fell back and set up a hasty defense around a bombed-out CSAT MRAP and Antiarmor was called up to deal with the CSAT Armor. One armored vehicle was destroyed, and Rangers withdrew back into the airbase perimeter. While falling back, Rangers encountered the second armored vehicle and sustained a few more casualties while CPL Rhode got into position to destroy the MBT.
Upon destruction of the armored vehicles, Rangers continued with their mop-up action, and eliminated all remaining CSAT forces.
The counterattack was successfully repelled. Invasion of Altis by NATO forces is ensured.