About Us

What is Task Force 20?

Task force 20 is made up of 3 divisions. You have the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. This is further broken down into 6 sections. The illustration below will better your understanding of the organization.

Based in the United States but attracts players from all over the world, Task Force 20 is a realistic, tactical (milsim) unit offering a medium, combining realism and fun into one place. With our approach to the game, we believe we have struck the right balance between these two elements. Our realism comes into the equation when you consider that all of our members are given formal training in tactics and procedures for many different aspects of real combat. Our realism also comes into effect when we use these tools to approach in-game situations. We expect all Task Force 20 members to use them in all aspects of the game from our simple operations to our full-fledge deployments. Deployments are best described as “realistic, action-oriented scenarios.” Our mission developers focus on real-life style briefings, objectives, unit placement, force ratio, etc…

As mentioned before, we find a happy medium between realism and fun. As we do realize this is a video game, we understand that fun is the whole point. The fun comes into play because we allow our members to switch instantly from being totally and utterly serious about completing the objectives one minutes, to being goofy and sharing jokes the next.

Our missions are a real challenge and we find a challenge very fun. If you are interested in the positions we have to offer, please contact one of our NCO’s (non-commissioned officers) via the Forums or TeamSpeak. To find more information such as Task Force 20 basic requirements, available positions, server information, etcetera, please visit the “Recruitment” page. If you have any questions that were not answered, please report to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section in the Forums (Forums/General/F.A.Q.).