12th CAB

About the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade

The United State Army 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (Also known as the 12th CAB) is an assault company.

Entry Requirements

All soldiers must undergo Basic Military Training (BMT), and pass a flight competence course where they must fly where they must pass an extensive test consisting of different procedures such as emergency procedures ( auto rotation, tail rotor loss, and what to do if they end up getting shot down), and landing procedures (stages of landing, be able to land it many areas such as open fields, on hills, and on buildings). If the soldier passes these various tests, they will be put in a que for acceptance into the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade. If they are accepted, they will then be put into other various courses such as Air Support training, the ROE’s for air support (if they don’t know them already), and a brief course on BREVITY CODE. Brevity code is is used in amateur radio, maritime, aviation and military communications. It is used to maximize the amount of information given in the minimum amount of words. We will get into more specifics regarding brevity code in the training.

Only then will they be accepted into the 12th CAB.


The 12th CAB uses 4 types of helicopters for various rolls

  • AH-64 Apache attack helicopter