27th SOW

About the 27th SOW

The 27th Operations wing accomplishes global special operations tasking as an Air force component member of the United States Special Operations Command. It conducts infiltration/exfiltration, combat support, helicopter and tilt-rotor aerial refueling, psychological warfare, and other special missions. It directs the deployment, employment, training, and planning for four squadrons that operate the A-10 Warthog, MQ-1B Predator, F16/A Fighting Falcon, and provide operational support to flying operations

USAF Specialized Undergraduate Pilot training (SUPT) Pipeline

Phase I – Academic Classes and Pre-Flight training

  • Ejection seat / Egress training, Parachute landing falls
  • Aircraft systems class + test
  • Basic instruments class + test
  • mission planning / navigation class + test

Aviation weather class + test

Phase II – Primary Aircraft Training

  • Approximately 8 hours of flight training instruction, 3 weeks of training to teach students basic flying skills
  • Focus: Contact, instruments, formation (2-ship), navigation

Students pick which advanced task they wish to fly (Students pick based on their performances / rank)



The SUPT program lasts approximately 4 weeks. After successfully completing SUPT, officers receive their silver wings and are awarded the aeronautical rating of pilot. They attend follow-on training and their assigned aircraft with their squadron known as Formal Training Units (FTUs)